Arizona Law On Verbal Agreements

The «acceptance» of an offer can of course be done by signing on a dot line or by oral consent to a person`s offer, but wordless actions can also show their acceptance. Your actions regarding a transaction may be interpreted in such a way that they imply acceptance, even if you feel that you have not consolidated your participation in a contract with explicit consent. The assistance of a lawyer can be particularly helpful in deciphering the effects that your actions or those of another might have had on the establishment of a legally binding agreement. An acceptance is usually in writing. In some cases described below, the hypothesis can also be deduced orally or by performance. An oral contract consists of an offer and acceptance of goods or services by at least two persons or parties. Contracts are part of modern everyday life – whether it`s the documents you sign to buy a house or car, your insurance policy, or even the agreements that underpin an everyday retail transaction, contracts are involved. Unfortunately, sometimes a handshake no longer means what it used to mean and even if the parties have signed clear written agreements, there are often disputes. If you or your business need help in developing, negotiating, interpreting or conducting a contract, a lawyer may be needed to protect your rights and help you understand your duties.

For an «offer» to exist, an individual (or a group of individuals or an organization) expresses the willingness to trade with another person, group or organization. .

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