Aupe Collective Agreement Goa 2018

You can view the agreement on the following pages. You will also find here a PDF of the full agreement. «AUPE members know that only mass collective actions on the construction site and to support collective bargaining (which will resume early next year) have the power to fight against the cuts,» it reads. The collective agreement has expired and is being renegotiated by the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees. Therefore, printed copies of the agreement are not currently distributed. The following week, Toews said the government would ask arbitrators to impose a 2 percent pay cut on collective agreements. According to the union, the province is demanding a 1 per cent wage cut for the first year of a new collective agreement and that there be no increase for the next three years. All negotiation updates related to the negotiations are available at: members of AUPE Local 006 are direct employees of the Government of Alberta, Social Services. Learn more about the collective agreement, rights and rights of the bargaining unit Long-term disability income Revision An article on the union`s website says members know job cuts and losses are imminent. They report that other government demands include: life insurance paid for retired employees or laid off (paid life insurance plan) Guy Smith, president of AUPE, believes the proposals are not based on evidence or needs, «but on the government`s ideological commitment to attack us and the work we do.» Alberta`s largest public sector union says the government plans to cut up to 5,900 jobs as part of its plan to balance the province`s budget by the 2022-23 fiscal year. When Finance Minister Travis Toews presented his provincial budget for October 2019, he called for an overall reduction of 7.7 per cent in the public sector workforce, which would be done primarily on a rotational basis.

Member Update: Ministerial Panel on Child Intervention Submissions GOA Local 006 Bargaining Committee: Donna Smith, Garnett Robinson (CYC), Shamanthi Cooray, Heather Lupkoski; and Dale Perry and Mac McNaughton (AUPE negotiators) Local 006 Bargaining Committee Communication Resource Persons: Joyce Ranson (Medical and Rehabilitation Services), Dawn Prawdzik (South) and Jillian Ferguson (Central) Letter of Under Standing #003 – Employee Relations Committee Terms of Reference READ MORE: Alberta Health Services Expands Hundreds of Care Centres: UNA and NDP Negotiations between the Government of Alberta and the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE) began on Thursday, February 6. Staff in the Office of the Public Service Commissioner could not be immediately contacted for advice. «Stay strong. Support each other. Get ready to fight. «We prepared, gathered and went on strike across the province, and we built our capabilities to stay strong and fight back. Currently, AUPE has 23,578 members from the civil service, government, health, education, boards of directors and agencies, municipalities and private companies. «An independent arbitrator ruled only last week that goa workers deserved a one percent raise and that there was no economic justification for cutting wages. But here we see the government punishing us for receiving this minimum increase by trying to withdraw it immediately. This is an act of revenge, not a rational argument,» Smith adds.

Hundreds of AUPE and Union Alberta Nurses members protested in January against proposed reductions outside the Chinook Regional Hospital in Lethbridge. A letter from the government to the union states that employment is guaranteed until March 30, 2020. .

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