Bilateral Agreements Education

As part of SAFTA, Singapore has agreed to recognize the diplomas of the top third of full-time students at eight Australian universities. Previously, four universities have received recognition for law degrees. Australia has agreed that Australian scholarships abroad should be kept at the universities of Singapore. To get a more complete picture of SAFTA`s impact on higher education, it is necessary to examine the reservations communicated by the parties. GRALE 4 (2019) will focus on participation in adult education and training, measurement instruments and related indicators. The UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) is a global network of more than 11,500 educational institutions in 182 countries. The schools that are part of this network work in practice to promote understanding between peoples, peace, intercultural dialogue, sustainable development and quality education. The 91 Austrian schools associated with UNESCO play a crucial role as partners in achieving UNESCO`s goals. The Austrian Commission of UNESCO coordinates the national network, which encompasses all types of primary schools, including vocational schools. The Austrian Commission of UNESCO publishes the annual magazine of the Austrian schools associated with UNESCO FORUM and organizes the annual network conference for teachers. In addition, the Commission operates a website to provide information to members of the Austrian network and to promote exchanges between schools (read more). The SAFTA Services Chapter explicitly excludes grants and grants for higher education and all other services.

There are also reservations from Australia and Singapore in the SAFTA text, which deals with educational services. This document goes beyond these reservations because there are other reservations, outside the field of education services, that infringe the rights of Australian and Singaporean transnational education providers. For example, does an Australian supplier in Singapore have the right to acquire land, to use only Australian expatriates as manager and director of the company, to transfer documents and works of art from a library or gallery on the Singapore campus to Australia, and to get advice in Singapore? The following are the Singaporean and Australian reserves for SAFTA`s services and investment chapters, which are of considerable or limited importance to higher education.

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