Sap Planned Delivery Time In Scheduling Agreement

Click on the «External Supply» tab and check if you`ve met a scheduled delivery deadline? it`s not just inventory, it`s also other planned themes. Take a look at the classification in order or delivery. What is the date and quantity confirmed? During delivery, the assigned route may also come into play. When planning and processing layouts, the same basic data is not used and generates the different results you see. Tick-Indicatoror «Planning Information/Agreement» (It takes time in the information or agreement indicated) Where to check the required delivery date in both plants? Details pl. Does this mean that a delivery plan should be drawn up instead of a set of information in the source list? In this particular case, we have a lot of inventory. I played with the «expected delivery time» in the delivery plan and it seems that it adjusts the time between delivery and receipt as I thought. But as soon as I made the delivery, it advances on the receipt date. So whether I have 2 days or 40 days, it`s the same thing. But thank you for your proposal. The system takes into account the delivery time provided for a delivery plan. Second, there are two ways to use the list of sources. (1) Enter the credit pointer you want to use in the Creditor column (2) Establishing a contract/schedule agreement and enter the document.

Not in Agmt`s column. I`ve already set up the IMO8/OMDT. However, if I were to issue the appointment agreement, SAP does not take into account the expected delivery time, either in the hardware strain or in the information set. He only looks at the GR-Proc. It`s time. However, if I were to execute the provision for the order request, when SAP is considering Pl.Deliv.time to create PR Dear Sir, if the expected delivery time differs in materials baseline data and information, the date of publication in PR is usually determined by basic material data when a PR is created by provision. This means that if the delivery time provided in the information package is longer than in the hardware baseline data, PR or PO will not meet the actual needs z.B of an SO. How can I solve this problem? Br, Yan Zhao a) Expected delivery time – 1 day . B) G . A Processing time – 3 days. Please guide.

How can I take care of the time that is needed at the end of the supplier? Then, when on May 12 in the 0100 factory, I am a delivery for demand, I see in the delivery (VL02N) has the «planned gisage date» on May 22, and in MD04, I see the delivery, and it will be posted on May 22. In MD04 for the reception installation, 0200, it always displays the reception date as May 22, which is correct. I do the layout race, but the system is taken into account for the expected delivery time. I have a material that is the material produced in-house for Factory X and Y Plant needs this material for the subsequent manufacture of a finished product. We have 2 facilities in different company codes. One feeds on another (plant 0100 fed 0200). With ME31, I established a delivery plan for Part A, and it set 10 days as the scheduled delivery time. As soon as I walk, I can see the entrance scheduled for May 22 at the 0200 factory. At the 0100 plant, I see the demand on May 12 (due date – 10 days of scheduled delivery), so everything is fine.

The problem is that the agenda items generated by the provision (for external purchases) do not take into account the «expected delivery time.» The system only takes G.R. processing time in The Duration. The Y plant has the STO schedule of Factory X. However, after the operation of Plant X is identical to that of Demwerk Y, it takes 4 days for the delivery date to Plant X to apply to the materials. Ideally, this delivery date to Plant X should be less than 4 days as a Y plant.

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