Virginia Divorce Without Separation Agreement

This Divorce Without Fault package was developed by a team of Virginia legal aid lawyers from across the state for the use of Virginians who can`t afford to hire a lawyer to help them get a divorce. NOTE: THIS VERSION OF THE INTERVIEW IS SET UNTIL 30.11.20. IF YOU HAVE AN INTERVIEW IN PROGRESS, COMPLETE IT BY NOVEMBER 30. DON`T START AN INTERVIEW. A new version of the interview will be available soon. If you want to be informed if the new version is online, you can register here: Get Notified In order to restore an old name changed due to marriage, one of the parties must ask, either in the complaint, or in an application filed with or after the complaint, to take back his girl`s name or previous name, and a supplement is required to register a name change. This tax is $22.00 in the city of Norfolk. When the final divorce decree is signed because of the marital union, the court may reinstate the girl`s name or the party`s previous names in a separate order that meets the requirements of the Virginia Section 8.01-217 code, provided that the proposed name change is submitted at the same time as the final divorce decision. There are defenses against the reasons for adultery, sodomy or buggery. If a defence is successfully proven, no divorce is granted for these reasons. The defence against adultery, sodomy or buggery is as follows: After all divorce papers have been filed in court, the average time for a divorce is 30 to 90 days. The full start of the divorce period will vary largely depending on the court`s case charges and the availability of judges to sign the final divorce decree.

Under Virginia`s divorce laws, the court generally defines the heritage of the age plan as marital property, regardless of the name of the plan. As long as you meet the conditions of an undisputed divorce in Virginia, we can help. It doesn`t matter if you`ve been married in another state, as long as at least one of you lives in Virginia today and for the last 6 months. If you are an active member of the United States Army and you are stationed here in Virginia, that counts as well. There are ways to find a partial or complete solution to solve the problems of your case without going to court. This may include mediation and informal negotiations. If you have been living apart for more than a year and have a signed real estate transaction agreement, or if you have been living separated and separated for more than six months and you do not have minor children and if you have a signed real estate transaction contract, you have an undisputed divorce and the trial can only last one month. This is the crucial topic of most divorces.

To determine custody of minor children (under the age of 18), the court is governed by a standard: the best interests of the child. The court may grant «common parental custody» where both parents have a role to play in the child`s decision-making, or «single legal custody,» where a parent is ultimately responsible for decisions in the best interests of the child.

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